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Peak Body in the News

Peak Body recently made headlines!

The story, now picked up by Bdaily, Northern Echo, Sunderland Echo and BBC Radio Newcastle, comes after father John Citrone, owner of the supplement business handed down his responsibilities to son and former Professional Poker Player, Carlo Citrone.

John, who has had over 50 years’ experience in the bodybuilding industry, has been winner of Mr Universe nine times and World Champion six times is now finally ready to take a back seat. He built the business from scratch and created a number of bodybuilding supplements based on his own experience, and knowledge from taking such products throughout years of competition.

As well as making into the papers both men appeared on BBC Radio Newcastle for a short interview on both of  their successful careers and celebrity friendships; John himself being an old friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


If you listened to the interview on the Drive Programme on 31st October, let us know what you thought!

John’s son, and new MD of Peak Body Nutrition, Carlo was himself a bit of  celebrity, once a globetrotting poker player who has sat at tables with celebrities including Matt Damon, Shane Warne and James Woods. He has now moved back to Washington from London with the sole motivation to help run and expand the business his father created.  He has already been instrumental in adding new signature products such as Primal Paleo bars and new flavours to the popular Kaffiene Kick drinks. Watch this space for what he has in store next!

Click Here to read the full story on Sunderland Echo.


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