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Primal Bars – The Healthy Paleo Bar

Peak Body Nutrition supply a fantastic range of sports nutritional products including the very popular Primal Performance Paleo Bars. Now if you haven’t heard of Paleo before now is a good time to learn.


The Paleo Diet, otherwise known as the caveman diet refers to the Paleolithic era in human history. During this period there were of course only natural foods available including vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, meats and organ meats as opposed to the processed foods we eat today with added sugars, chemicals and who knows what else. The Paleo diet therefore consists of eating natural foods whilst avoiding dairy products, processed foods, sugars, salts, alcohol coffee and much more.

Primal bars currently come in two fantastic flavours including Cashew & Apple and Cashew & Cocoa. They contain nothing but natural ingredients and therefore offer a taste of the Paleo diet. The Cashew & Apple bar for example contains nothing but dates, cashew nuts, dried apple, cinnamon powder and almond oil. Despite the small amount of ingredients present in the bars they ooze flavour making them an excellent snack for those feeling peckish at the three o’clock mark.  Primal Bars are also approved by NHS Health Scotland and holder of a healthy living award!

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John Citrone, one of Britain’s most successful body builders has this to say about the Primal Bar. “Evolution through natural selection formed the organising template not only for all of biology but also for nutrition. We can can’t fully mimic the exact foods that our hunter gatherer ancestors ate, but we don’t have to in order to make improvements in our general health and well-being.” The Primal Bar is the perfect example of how we can eat well like our Paleolithic ancestors without having to do the hard work to get our hands on it.

Peak Body will soon be bringing out two brand new flavours of Primal Bars including Wild Berry and Pineapple & Coconut. They will also contain high levels of protein in them making them the ideal health bar for sports enthusiasts. The bars will have the same great taste as our Cashew & Cocoa and Cashew & Apple bars but will have the added bonus of nutritional extras great for your training programme.

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