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SARMs at 21: What are they? How Are They Used? And Are they Safe?

SARMs were introduced 21 years ago this year. In this blog we're going to talk a little bit about them.

What are SARMs?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs are compounds that are non-steroidal and product anabolic effects in bone and muscle. SARMs have been found to increase lean mass, even in short periods.


How are they used?

First introduced in 1998, they were developed to have the benefits of steroids while being safer and having fewer side effects. They are constantly being studied and currently considered research compounds. You will be able to find people up and down the internet talking highly of their experiences with them.


Are they Safe?

There’s no evidence to suggest that SARMs are unsafe in the most common dosages. It has in fact been found to aid retaining and building lean mass and bone density and is touted to be a potential treatment for Osteoporosis. The majority of studies we have seen focus on 3-9 month cycles of the drug which have found them to be safe and effective in this time frame. Longer term studies naturally are rarely but none-the-less required to establish long term safety.

It’s unclear whether reported side-effects are due the SARMs or additional compounds in poor quality products. The nature of how SARMs can be purchased means that there’s a lot of trust required in the manufacturer, as our own Manufacturer we have received very few reports of any side effects and we boast a large and widespread clientele who keep coming back to us.

Anything else I need to know?

If you’re a professional athlete, SARMs are likely to be a restricted substance, and if you are thinking of purchasing and using SARMs it should be under clinical care and after a discussion with your doctor.

You may also notice that you can not buy SARMs in any protein powders or other dietry supplements. As mentioned they're for research purposes only and not able to be included in dietry supplements.

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