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  • If you weightlift or do cardio it is important to remember that the body will need to rest. Too much time spent in the gym without a recovery period can be detrimental to the body.

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  • What is Protein Mania?

    Protein Mania is a protein powder made up of Whey Protein Isolate, Soya Protein Isolate, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine and Taurine. It comes in four fantastic flavours including strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and banana.

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  • To reach your fitness goals, you must put together an achievable plan of action. There are no instant results when it comes to fitness. It takes time, patience and dedication to see the results you desire.

    What’s important to remember is that you won’t see physical changes straight away. You will, however, feel them. For example: when you first begin an exercise regime you will find it difficult. Your -breathing will be staggered, and you’ll tire out quickly. If however, you stick to it, you will find as early as the third time you go that it is easier for you.

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  • We are inundated with images of buff men and women flaunting their ironclad abs and defined muscles. The gym can do wondrous things for a person but doing it wrong can cause the body to deplete rather than replenish. It’s not only in the gym where you can make your mistakes though, in fact, a lot of errors are made post workout. Below are the top 5 worst post-workout mistakes you can make.

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  • Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or “SARMs” as they’re commonly known are becoming popular in the bodybuilding industry. The name itself is pretty intimidating but this article aims to break down the basics of what they are, why they’re so popular and the risks involved. Here, we’re going to discuss two of the most popular SARMs that have consistently delivered results. How do SARMs work? To put it simply, SARMs stimulate the production of growth hormones aka testosterone (or androgens) in the body by binding to the areas that are responsible for the production of these growth hormones (these...

  • Protein Cookie Recipe Summers right around the corner and if you’re struggling to avoid the temptations that the weekend brings, you might want to try this amazing recipe for protein cookies. This recipe makes 20 small but nutritionally mighty cookies - the perfect pre or post workout snack. 200 calories per cookie | 10.8 grams of protein per cookie Essential ingredients 1 large egg ½ Cup of Peanut Butter 4 Scoops of Peak Body Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate 2 Cups of Rolled Oats 2 Cups of high fibre cereal ½ Cup of whole wheat flour ...

  • Inspired by our friends over at Muscle & Fitness this is an amazing template that isn't hard to replicate. Here's your shopping list to create this meal plan: Box of 24 eggs Oatmeal Pack of chicken breasts Bag of sweet potatoes Pack of brown rice Turkey breast fillets Low Fat Cheese Mixed Fruit Mixed Vegetables TRAINING DAY MENU Meal 1: 8 a.m. - Breakfast 5 egg whites 1¼ cups oatmeal (dry measure) 8 oz. orange juice or 1 cup mixed fruit Meal Totals: 669 calories, 40g protein, 93g carbs, 7g fat Meal 2: 11 a.m. - Lunch 8 oz. chicken...

  • Do you want to look good? Do you want to feel good? Not sure how to achieve the body you want? Well, you’re in the right place. Every journey starts with the first few steps and achieving the body you want is no exception. With over fifty years of fitness expertise, Peak Body has created this beginner’s guide that will explain the fundamentals to building lean muscle. Reading this will equip you with the knowledge you need to get your journey off to a winning start. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing results...

  • Boxing is a combat sport that, as we all know, both amateurs and professionals have to make weight for regardless of their skills or experience. Boxers come in all different shapes and sizes and therefore compete at different weight limits from the smallest Light Minimum Weight all the way up to Cruiserweight and Ultimate Heavyweight. (See full list below).

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  • Peak Body recently made headlines! The story, now picked up by Bdaily, Northern Echo, Sunderland Echo and BBC Radio Newcastle, comes after father John Citrone, owner of the supplement business handed down his responsibilities to son and former Professional Poker Player, Carlo Citrone. John, who has had over 50 years’ experience in the bodybuilding industry, has been winner of Mr Universe nine times and World Champion six times is now finally ready to take a back seat. He built the business from scratch and created a number of bodybuilding supplements based on his own experience, and knowledge from...

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