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Energy & Recovery

It is essential when training and competing to make sure that you allow yourself to reenergise and recover after a workout. Peak Body Nutrition supply a fantastic range of products designed specifically for this ensuring that you get the best possible results from your exercise plans. Some of the supplements that we have available include Maltodextrin, Kaffeine Kick, Hyper Fuel, Casein and Creatine Monohydrate. As well as supplying individual supplements we have a Student Bundle that offers a selection of our products so that you have everything you need for a full recovery after a workout. Kaffeine Kick is a favourite amongst athletes and anybody who suffers from lethargy. The drink contains almost three times as much caffeine as current high street drinks therefore helping to replenish and revitalise energy levels. A lot of our other supplements in this range contain proteins that help to build and repair muscle tissues and carbohydrates that provide energy.

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  1. lemon and lime pre workout

    Kaffeine Kick (24 X 50g bottles)

    1 Review(s)
    24 individual bottles containing our bestselling Kaffeine Kick pre-workout powder High caffeine 200mg per 50g serving with a daily recommended serving of creatine Available in a range of delicious flavours Keeps you going through intense workouts or during bouts of fatigue* read more
    Available Flavours
    Lemon and Lime
    Black Cherry

  2. maltodextrin supplement


    Complex carbohydrate derived from cornstarch Quickly mix with water for a carbohydrate energy supplement or add to a shake Vegan friendly read more
    Available Flavours

  3. Peak Body Nitro Shot

    L'Arginine Nitro Shot

    Supports the production of Nitric Oxide  Improves blood flow to the muscles which allows muscles to work for longer* Encourages vasodilation which maximises muscle-pump* Can also support weight loss* read more
    Available Flavours

  4. protein mania chocolate

    Protein Mania (4.4lb) 2kg

    Best-selling formula The highest protein content of any powder on the UK market  Over 99g of protein per 100g Cross-flow Micro-filtered Whey Isolate with zero carbs and zero fat Used by former Mr Universe, John Citrone read more
    Available Flavours

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