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Lean Muscle - Goals

Lean muscle refers to the muscle within your body that as little fat around or within it, with many athletes aiming for muscle growth without the added fat, whether for aesthetic reasons or to help with strength goals. The supplements here support the aims for increasing lean muscle gain without the subcutaneous fat. We have a range of ten of the best supplements for lean muscle gain, helping those who are serious about lean muscle building. You will notice that a lot of these supplements for lean muscle building are proteins either contain whey or casein. We also have the luxury of offering a variety of flavours in our range of lean muscle proteins, including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and more. Whey has earned a reputation for being the key ingredient for building lean muscle. It is the watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds and has now been used as dietary supplements to help to build and repair muscle tissues, as it is absorbed quickly into the body. Casein is also a by-product of cheese production, with whey making up around 20% and casein 80%. This protein has a slow-release and is recommended to be taken between meals and before sleeping. The vital nutrients it possesses can provide a sustained supply to the body as it continually repairs muscle to aid with lean muscle growth. To find out more about our range of lean muscle building supplements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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