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Diet & Weight Loss

Peak Body Nutrition have a fantastic selection of products available for assisting with diet and weight loss. Our diet and weight loss products are designed to fuel the body whilst lowering fat and cholesterol levels. Some products that we have include Maltodextrin, a source of carbohydrates important for providing the body with energy during a workout. Soya Protein Isolate is one of our supplements used for lowering cholesterol and fat levels. Soya is comparable to eggs containing no less than 90% protein. It is also lactose free making it an excellent choice for those who are unable to tolerate milk products. Other Diet and Weight loss products include Whey Protein, a protein that is absorbed quickly to help build and repair muscles. All of our diet and weight loss supplements come in a fantastic range of flavours ensuring that there is something suitable for everyone.

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  1. reductionbottle

    Reduction - Enhanced Weight Loss

    Reduction is a weight loss supplement that, when used along side excercise and a healthy diet, can help adults living with excess weight, obesity or weight related medical problems lose weight and keep it off. read more
    Available Flavours

  2. diet whey protein powder

    Diet Protein Powder – Whey Fruit Punch (2lb) 1kg

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    Peak Body's diet protein powder is a powerful and efficient recovery formula made using premium whey protein isolate and scientifically supported ingredients that help shift stubborn pounds and kerb snack cravings.   Each 30g scoop contains: 21g of pure premium whey protein isolate 6.6g read more
    Available Flavours
    Fruit Punch

  3. shake and take whey strawberry

    Shake 'n' Take Whey - 60g Bottles (24 per box)

    48g of protein per 60g bottle Each bottle contains a blend of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Isolate Protein powder  Convenient low carb and low sugar protein shakes for men and women on the go  Less than 1.4g of carbohydrates and less than 1.3g of fat per 60g serving Free UK read more
    Available Flavours

  4. Body Burn Shake n Take Tropical Fruit (24x15g)

    Body Burn Shake 'n' Take - Tropical 15g (24 per box)

    Anyone interested in losing body fat would benefit from using Body Burn. Ideal to use as a post workout drink or indeed at various times during the day to aid the fat burning process. read more
    Available Flavours

  5. Body Burn Fat Burning Supplement Tropical Fruit 500g

    Body Burn - Tropical 500g

    Body Burn is a fat burner drink for men and women  Works as a blood sugar regulator and fat metaboliser* Blend of dietary fibres to help you feel fuller for longer*  Fat burning drink that supports weight loss* with zero added caffeine Free UK delivery on orders over £30 &nb read more
    Available Flavours

  6. CLA Caps - 60

    CLA Caps - 60

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid Caps (CLA Caps)  Supports weight loss and the development of lean muscle* Sold as soft gel capsules with 800mg of CLA For advanced bodybuilders and athletes to help achieve goals* Free UK delivery on orders over £30 read more
    Available Flavours

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  7. Weight Loss Bundle

    Weight Loss Bundle

    Try our weight loss bundle to save money and effort on shifting those extra pounds Contains all the supplements you need to support weight loss Free UK delivery on this bundle read more

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