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Peak mass protein

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Peak Mass Protein (2.2lb) 1kg

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  • Highest quality mass gainer protein powder 
  • Made from cross-flow micro-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate and Soya Protein Isolate
  • For those interested in building quick mass*
  • 2.2lb (1kg) = 30 servings
  • Free UK delivery on orders over £30

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Why bodybuilders use this product

Peak Body Nutrition was founded by former Mr Universe, John Citrone and he oversaw the team that designed the most effective supplements for serious bodybuilders. Peak Mass is the most impressive mass gainer protein powder to date, anyone looking to gain size will benefit considerably from Peak Mass due to its well-crafted mixture of carbs, protein and creatine monohydrate.

What makes Peak Mass and its formula so special lies in the cross-flow micro filtered process the Whey Protein Concentrate undergoes before complimenting the high-quality Peak Mass formula. This process allows the protein to be utilised more rapidly and effectively by the gut in terms of absorption and means less is wasted*.

Bodybuilders enjoy the results that Peak Mass delivers in terms of rapid gains in size with the added benefit of muscle repair and recovery as well as its inclusion of creatine monohydrate for increased strength during workouts, making it the perfect all-in-one supplement for taking throughout the day, pre-workout and post-workout*.

How it’s used

Mix in a shaker bottle with water for a thinner shake, milk for a thicker shake (or a combination of the two to suit preference).

What you can expect*

Each 2.2lb bag contains 30 servings.

Unlike other quick mass gainer protein powders on the market, Peak Body’s won’t leave you feeling dissatisfied with the results due to the fast acting nature of this formula users sees results in the first few weeks of taking.

Mass and size could be achieved within the first few weeks of using this product regularly.

As it’s quite a filling shake (especially if you mix with milk) it’ll leave you feeling full till your next meal, making it easier to avoid unnecessary snacking.

Who is it for?

For bodybuilders and weightlifters going through a phase of bulking or for anyone who is interested in building size and mass quickly.

*Disclaimer - supplement results vary from person to person and Peak Body Nutrition suggests using supplements to compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. If in doubt when considering if supplement use is suitable, please contact your GP, Doctor or Physician for advice.


• Mix 1 heaped scoop (30g) with 200/300ml of water or milk.
• For higher Calorie or Protein, use additional scoops.
• Peak mass can be taken up to 3 times a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one
at night.
• Best taken after training.


Milk Protein, Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Isolate*, Creatine, Flavouring: - (Strawberry contains Beetroot Red, Vanilla contains no colour, Chocolate contains Cocoa Powder), Sweeteners: - (Sucralose). *From Milk

Milk and Soya
Typical Values   per 30g serving   per 100g
Energy   483.90kJ / 116.10Kcal   1613kJ / 387Kcal
Fat   0.9g   3g
Carbohydrates   15g   50g
Protein   12g   40g

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