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Lee Forbister - Sponsored Athletes
Lee Forbister
  • Name: Lee Forbister
  • Nickname: Forby
  • Age: 27
  • Sport: Strongman/Powerlifting
  • Weight: 105-130kg
  • England Strongest Man Under 105kg 2014
  • 3rd in Giants Live European Log
  • Deadlift Championships 2016
Lee is a strength and conditioning enthusiast who devotes his time into the industry to constantly improve himself and others around him. He has been in the weight room since the age of 16 and strives for nothing but 100% out of himself and his clients. His first competition was the regional qualifier for the middle weight class in strongman, after 2 years of researching strongman Lee went on to win England’s Strongest Man in this class. His most up to date achievement would be placing top 3 in the Heavyweight European Log and Deadlift Competition earning a spot at Britain’s Strongest Man. Lee’s main goals are to be better than yesterday and leave no stone unturned.
How long have you been sponsored by Peak Body?
3 years
How often do you train?
4-5 days a week
What do you like about Peak Body?
Their supplement selection
Which Peak Body products do you take?
Why do you take these products?
BCAA’s: These amino acids cannot be produced by the body and are vital for protein synthesis and the recovery of muscle cells.
Glutamine: Glutamine minimises the breakdown of muscle tissue and improves protein metabolism. This amino acids is the most abundant amino acid in the muscle and is severely depleted during exercise. It is also used for the immune system and gut health. My preference is 80g per day.
Peakmass: I use this product 2-3 times per day to reach my calorific demands of a strongman.
Casein: Night time protein which lasts throughout the night giving the muscles no chance to breakdown while getting the required 7-9 hours sleep.
What hobbies do you have?
Lifting heavy weights is my lifestyle.

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Lee Forbister - Peak Body athlete